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Empowering Student Designers and Innovators

NDL is a student-first organization, empowering young students to build their skills and take on tomorrow's biggest challenges



Design League

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Official student Designathon League 

Powering Designathons at all educational levels

Resource Center

Provide future makers with the best resources.

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Hosted Canada's 1st Designathon 

Started post-secondary Designathon in Canada 


Community for Designers & Innovators 

Foster a community for future Innovators


What is the

National Design League 

National Design League (NDL) is the official Designathon league in Canada, helping power competitions at all educational levels and the students behind them. We believe that the design process is an outlet for problem solving and creativity. Our goal is to form a community of passionate designers and innovators (of all ages) to collaborate on the biggest design issues in the industry today.

We Power Designathons & more

From providing organizer resources to sharing a hardware lab of 3D printers and workstations, our goal is to make it easy to host a Designathon. We want our events accessible to as many students as possible and work tirelessly with student groups, school boards, post-secondary institutions, and corporate partners to make this a reality.


High school



We support students to start and grow Design Leagues at their institution, helping streamline the process of hosting Designathons and workshops as they make a mark in their student community.





Corporate Designathons bring students to a company for a competition mirroring a dynamic workplace, allowing employers to share their work culture and hire some of the brightest talent.

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The National Designathon invites the top teams from each post-secondary event to compete with other students from around Ontario and network with some of the most leading-edge companies.

National Designathon


Our STEM-ed program consists of Designathons and an array of workshops, tools like CAD and rapid prototyping to give high school students a taste of real-world designing.

STEM-ed Program

Our Story

One of the biggest challenges we faced as former students was finding an outlet to explore our creative ideas and apply the theory learned in class to real world applications. Amidst the constant deadlines of assignments and tests, there was no way for us to practically apply our knowledge. 

NDL was founded on the belief that we can better prepare students to tackle the fast- paced challenges of today and shape the world of tomorrow by better equipping students with the necessary skills and experience needed to be able to solve some of the biggest real world design challenges.


Application Based Learning

Skill Based Hiring

Cultivate a Community

Started post-secondary Designathon in Canada 

Started post-secondary Designathon in Canada 

Started post-secondary Designathon in Canada 

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