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STEM-ed Program 

Preparing High-school student for post-secondary education in STEM fields. 

Providing high school students a platform to explore their interests, express their creativity and learn about opportunities in STEM fields. 

STEM-ed Program 

High school Designathon Program 

High school students often do not get clarity on what program to take in their post secondary education, Many don’t get exposed to real world problems and apply their knowledge and finally, some may entirely miss out the opportunity to learn CAD and 3D printing because they were never exposed to the technology.

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NDL Design Day

Students are brought to a university, they go through a series of workshops on CAD, 3D Printing, talks from alumni, professors and get a chance to learn about different programs available at the university. 

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High School Designathon

Hosted at a university, the designathon would be the final opportunity for students to apply what they learnt at the end of the highs school year. 


Design Challenge 

Introduced at the end of design day, students will have approximately two months to work on a solution using CAD. Students will be given mentorship and supporting content to help with their projects.

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Experiential Learning Certificate

 Students that attend the design day (1), complete the design challenge (2) and attend the Designathon (3) will receive an Experiential Learning Certificate.

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