An opportunity to grow your knowledge, learn and tackle active challenges companies are facing, and network with companies.

Tackle Real-World Design Problems

Post-secondary Designathons are weekend-long competitions where students develop solutions to company-sponsored design challenges using CAD and prototyping. Participants generate solutions, build prototypes, and present to judges - all within 36 hours.

Students are given 3-5 challenges to choose from, with varying levels of difficulty and each targeting a specific industry. 


Design a Solution

Prototype (3D Print)


Choose a Problem

What's involved in a Designathon

Companies that have previously sponsored design challenges 

Attend a Designathon

Apply your knowledge, Work on real work problems, Grow your skills, Showcase your designs, Network with industry partners

Upcoming Designathons 

Don't see your university/college? 

Start a Designathon at your School 

Bring a Designathon to your institution and share your passion by makeing a lasting mark in your student community. We provide all the resources you’ll need to organize a Designathon. 

Become a NDL Affiliate 

The National Designathon invites the top teams from each post-secondary event to compete with other students from around Ontario and network with some of the most leading-edge companies.

National Designathon

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The Official Student Designathon League 

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