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What is National Design League

National Design League (NDL) is the official Designathon league. We partner with universities and student leaders to host weekend-long design competitions that inspire innovation, cultivate communities, and teach design-thinking skills to more than 12,000 students around the world. Our goal is to grow this community and inspire the next generation of designers and innovators.

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What is a Designathon?

Designathons are weekend long design competitions. Participants are given a selection of real-world design challenges to choose from and they have 24-36 hours to design a solution. There are two types of Designathons - Engineering Designathons and UI/UX Designathons.


Students arrive at the event (In-person or online). Design challenges are revealed. Students select a challenge to tackle, form teams, and get straight to work.


Students showcase their project science-fair style. Judges select the top solutions for each challenge. Winners move on to the annual National Designathon. 


Students spend the next 24-36 hours designing and building their solutions. It's truly a weekend filled with design, creativity, and networking.

Why do Sponsors partner with National Design League?

Designathons are the perfect platform to network with passionate young designers, problem solvers and creative thinkers. Our partners use the event for recruitment, brand awareness, and student outreach, creating a meaningful presence in schools across Canada and the world.



Designathons replicate the setting of a dynamic workplace. Finding candidates at these events results in a more meaningful skill-based hiring practice.

  • On-site interviews

  • Access to resumes

  • Better recruiting 


Brand Marketing 

Showcase your work culture, products, and company values to a targeted audience, some of whom might be your future employees or customers.

  • Send your company representatives

  • Physical and digital marketing assets 

  • Distribute SWAG

  • Raise company profile 


Student Outreach

Posing a design challenge, running workshops, and providing mentorship at a Designathon is a novel way of conducting outreach and supporting student innovation.

  • Community support

  • Student mentorship

  • Crowd-source design challenges

How do Sponsors Partner with NDL?

There are a number of entry points across the NDL Designathon season to impact students. We are experts at creating sponsorship opportunities that position companies alongside students in authentic and meaningful ways.


Season Designathon

Get involved with all local post-secondary Designathons and the National level event, giving your company access to all upcoming designers and recent graduates.


Local Designathon

Attending a local designathon can give your company targeted access to upcoming designers and recent graduates from a specific school or region.


National Designathon

The National Designathon brings together all the winning teams from local Designathons for the ultimate design competition. Sponsoring this event gives you access to the top talent in engineering and design.

Organizations we have worked with

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